Using QooApp Game Store with UDP
You can easily link your UDP account and create a developer profile for QooApp, a store that serves over 40,000,000 passionate gamers every month. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below.
Monetization needs:
  • IAP = Yes (optional)
  • Premium Pricing = Yes (optional)
  • Ads = Unrestricted (make sure your ad stack works in your repacked game)
Linking Unity and QooApp
Have these ready:
  • Photo ID (Passport, license, etc.)
  • Bank account information
  • Swift code
Signing up and linking
  • Click "Create and link account"
  • Read through permissions and click "allow"
  • Read and agree to QooApp’s privacy policy and terms of service
  • Click "Sign up with UDP account"
Filling out Developer & Payee information
  • Fill out all required fields (Name, address, etc.)
  • Have important bank account details ready (such as your SWIFT-BIC)
  • Read and agree to the QooApp Developer Distribution Agreement
  • Click "Submit"
Submitting games to QooApp Game Store from UDP
Prepare your game for submission in the Game Info section
  • Input/upload all required information on the Game Info page
  • Review your In-App Purchases and adjust prices if needed
  • Click “Save” at the top-right of your screen
  • Click “Release”
  • Create a revision tag and some release notes, and confirm
Submit your game in the Publish section
  • On the Publish page, go to Advanced to set a launch date
  • Any warnings or errors will be flagged ahead of submitting your game to QooApp. Errors must be addressed before you can submit.
  • When you’re satisfied, click “Publish” at the top right of the screen
Monitor your game submission in the Status section
  • You will be sent to a Status page showing your game’s submission progress
  • Once accepted, you can begin tracking your game’s performance by clicking the “Reporting” tab above.
Congratulations, you’ve just submitted your game to QooApp Game Store!
Frequently Asked Questions
Which languages does QooApp Game Store operate in?
QooApp provides a multilingual interface game database in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, and Japanese.
Which countries/regions does QooApp Game Store reach?
QooApp users are fans who love anime games from all around the globe. Your game will be displayed to global users by default.If you wish to restrict the distribution of your game to specific countries, please contact
Does QooApp Game Store support premium (pay-to-download) games?
Yes. Premium games can be purchased using the virtual currency “iQ” (30iQ = 1 USD).
What devices does the QooApp Game Store client support?
Android 4.2 and up.
Once accepted, will my game launch automatically on QooApp Game Store?
Not necessarily. You can set a specific date to launch your game before you submit it (in the Advanced section). Note that your game must first be accepted by the store.
How do I access the QooApp Game Store developer console after I register via UDP?
What are the rules and requirements for my game on the QooApp Game Store?
You may not register games that may violate the laws, rules, or regulations of the corresponding countries. Games that may violate copyrights are not accepted on the QooApp Game Store. If you believe IP rights have been violated, report the infringement to to have the infringing material removed.
What data privacy law does QooApp follow?
QooApp abides by Hong Kong laws, specifically the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the “PDPO”).
How do payouts work in QooApp Game Store?
QooApp supports payment by telegraphic transfer (TT) and PayPal. QooApp pays in USD and can make global payments as long as you have a bank account or PayPal account. Please confirm with your bank that you can accept payment in USD.You will be able to request a payment once the minimum payout amount has been reached and the Monthly Payout Report has been confirmed. You can find more info in the Financial Report & Payment Application section of the QooApp Developer Distribution Agreement.