Important Maintenance Notice

Huawei has announced that starting at 4 AM Beijing time on April 23, 2024, the currencies for in-app purchases in 41 countries will be updated to either USD or EUR in the Huawei AppGallery. This change affects all apps with in-app purchases published on the Huawei App Connect store. For detailed information, please refer to the message in your Huawei AppGallery Connect account. Although we already updated UDP to support this change at the same time, we cannot automatically update your prices. You will need to verify and manually adjust your prices and currencies for the affected countries.

Using SHAREit with UDP
SHAREit is a digital content sharing app that sees 500 million monthly active users across 200 countries, with SHAREit Game Store alone enjoying 100 million MAUs. Developers across the globe deploy their mobile games on SHAREit Game Store.
Monetization needs:
  • In-App Purchases = Yes (mandatory)
  • Premium Pricing = Not supported
  • Ads = Unrestricted (make sure your ad stack works in your repacked game)
Linking Unity and SHAREit
Have these ready:
You do not need to prepare anything to sign up.
Signing up and linking
  • After clicking “Sign up to SHAREit Game Store”, click “allow” to link SHAREit and Unity accounts
  • Input name and email, click “Submit”. The email here is the one for business communications with SHAREit.
  • If your game is accepted, SHAREit will offer to enter a distribution agreement. You will enter your detailed information, including bank account info, at this stage.
Submitting games to SHAREit from UDP
Prepare your game for submission in the Game Info section
  • Input/upload all required information on the Game Info page
  • Review your In-App Purchases and adjust prices if needed.
  • Click “Save” at the top-right of your screen
  • Click “Release”
  • Create a revision tag and some release notes, and confirm
Submit your game in the Publish section
  • On the Publish page, warnings or errors will be flagged ahead of submitting your game to SHAREit. Errors must be addressed before you can submit
  • When you’re satisfied, click “Publish” at the top right of the screen
Monitor your game submission in the Status section
  • You will be sent to a Status page showing your game’s submission progress.
  • SHAREit will be in touch for next steps.
Congratulations, you’ve just submitted your game to SHAREit!
Frequently Asked Questions
Which languages does SHAREit Game Store operate in?
The SHAREit Game Store UI supports Chinese and English. SHAREit only needs the English game metadata.
Which countries does SHAREit Game Store reach?
Monetization (through SHAREitPay) will automatically be available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. You cannot select these countries individually.
Does SHAREit Game Store support premium (pay to download) games?
No, not at this time.
What kind of devices does SHAREit Game Store support?
All Android devices from version 4.1 and above.
Do I have to set IAP prices in a specific currency?
USD prices can be used for all the countries SHAREit covers. Prices may also be set in MYR, IDR, PHP for Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines respectively. Minimum price is MYR 1, IDR 500 and PHP 1 respectively. More information is available to approved SHAREit developers at SHAREit Game Store under “Channel fee”.
How do I access the SHAREit Game Store developer console after I register via UDP?
Access the SHAREit Game Store console via his link. Click the [Sign in] button first, then choose [Unity developer sign-in].
What are the rules and requirements for my game on the SHAREit Game Store?

SHAREit Game Store does not accept games that involve pornography, gambling content or games that violate local laws and regulations.

SHAREit opposes all piracy and intellectual property infringement, and will refuse to distribute such games. If you discover that your games are being distributed through the SHAREit Game Store without your authorization, please contact SHAREit’s Overseas Game Support team at

For more information, you can also refer to SHAREit’s Copyright Dispute Policy.

What data privacy law does SHAREit Game Store follow?
Refer to SHAREit’s Privacy Policy for detailed information.
How do payouts work in SHAREit Game Store?

Payment for a specific month is processed after two months and will be issued within 10 days of receiving your invoice. Read more here.

SHAREit can make payments in USD / HKD / SGD / INR. SHAREit issues payments to bank accounts only. PayPal and other alternative accounts are not supported at this time.

If you have a Chinese bank account, SHAREit also needs the bank account information in English along with the account number and SWIFT code.

What does “net revenue” mean?
Net revenue differs from the total revenue. Net revenue does not include:
(a) VAT/GST or other sales taxes, local surcharges, and other applicable tax need to withhold
(b) Other reasonable costs connected with the provision of services, such as bank and gateway portal provider charges, currency conversion charges, etc.
(c) Refunded amounts, bad debts, canceled amounts, or other amounts of a similar nature