Getting Started
It doesn’t take much to get your mobile game project set up and working with UDP. These videos will take you through each of the steps required to start using UDP so you can get up and running more quickly.
Brief introduction
This is Unity Distribution Portal
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UDP Basics part 1
Linking Unity to UDP
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UDP Basics part 2
Getting your game into the UDP dev console
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UDP Basics part 3
Partner Store sign-ups, submissions, and performance
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Releasing your game on UDP - Step by Step
Here we break the videos down into actionable steps, and focus on what’s needed to release your game on UDP. Expand the sections to understand each step in more detail, and to find useful tips to get things done smoothly.
Enter your game into the UDP Console
3 steps and 6 tips
Implement UDP in your game
6 steps and 7 tips
Set up your In-App Purchases
3 steps and 3 tips
Test your APK in the UDP sandbox
3 steps and 3 tips
Upload your APK to the UDP console
3 steps and 1 tip
Upload your App Signing Private Key
1 step
Let UDP know if your game implements ads
1 step
Set a Premium price for your game (if applicable)
3 steps
Double-check your release candidate
3 steps
Create your first game release
1 step